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The founder of the brand is Ofra Gaito who began her foray into the world of beauty in 1979. For years she traveled around the world to meet different beauty treatments, got the CIDESCO diploma and opened several beauty salons.

In 1994 he created his own cosmetic line in the USA and today is the largest distributor of beauty products for beauty centers throughout the USA.

Almost all of its ingredients come from nature so they are suitable for véganos and do not test on animals.

The packaging itself is very simple and measures 10 centimeters high. Although what we are interested in is the content.

The lips of OFRA have a very good reputation, for their duration, their intensity of color, the wide range they have of shades and the hydration they provide (despite being designed to be long-lasting).

Each container brings 8 grams that quite a lot.

Mina tone is a very intense wine / garnet color. We simply love it and it seems a very successful tone for winter (which together with my casperian skin gives me a touch of the most interesting XD).

Lip s and applies perfectly, completely covers and if you apply more than one pass notes that the product is melted smoothly. When drying the lip it does not feel heavy or dry and the duration is more than correct for hours.

Especially,  the lips do not dry up with the passing of the hours and that We have the same effect as a creamy lipstick.



Practically it cost the same as those of Kat VD and we like it much more than the other brand. The ones from Kat dry make up a lot and we can see the peels, apart from the fact that the lighter shades are quickly lost in the mucosal area. Those of OFRA smell great, are creamy but durable and have a variety of colors that have nothing to envy Kat’s

Obviously they are not lipsticks to go shopping every week, but to give you a treat if you have the opportunity it is not bad.

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The packaging: Here again nothing new, the brands do not give themselves too much trouble to offer us original packaging


Long Lasting Liquid Lipstick by OFRA Cosmetics

Liquid lipsticks brand OFRA Cosmetics are very popular now on YouTube, the firm offers a color chart composed of


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