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The Ofra brand is an American brand that you can find on the Amazon site  here .

The packaging is simple but effective , we can see the color of lipstick directly in the tube and it is not negligible for mornings in a hurry!

The applicator is a classic foam tip such as gloss and other liquid lipsticks. The application is accurate, fast and easy .

The pigmentation is crazy , in one pass you have the color of the tube!

If you open the tube for the first time, you will get surprised by the strong vanilla smell that emerges.

We love this kind of smell usually but it was so strong that it became disgusting. Fortunately once applied we do not feel it anymore. Side holding is correct when you apply a layer.

The lipstick will not resist the meal (the tasted the day I wore it) but applying two layers, it will hold no problem at least 6h. When it fades, it begins to disappear at the commissures of the lips but it ages well in general .

Let’s go to the first shade : Mocha, it’s a pinkish brown. The kind of color that is quite trendy right now andmyself a lot on my  it does not dry lips .

The second color is that  Santa Ana, a pretty red raspberry that immediately looks good.

The smell is as strong in Mocha as in Santa Ana.

The outfit is similar and comfort and that’s appreciated because We have already noticed differences in pigmentation, hold and comfort from one shade to another in some brands.


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