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The packaging:

Here again nothing new, the brands do not give themselves too much trouble to offer us original packaging history out of the ordinary and finally dazzle us a little eyes brief, always and again this translucent tube that allows to see the color. 

The applicator:

It would be very easy to apply a liquid lipstick with the foam tip, this  allows a uniform application and a finish perfect at the contours.

The texture:

It is nice and very creamy, easy to apply and really opaque a single pass is enough. It is still thick and heavy so the drying is quite long. Do not try to kiss your toddler or darling in the 5 minutes after the application where the complaints!

The pigmentation :

The pigmentation is really intense and the color is beautiful, Brooklyn is a  brown very strong character, no need to apply a large amount of product it will fill you at once. I let you judge with this little comparison made by  fionaseah.

The perfume :

It smells like vanilla or something fruity smell that feels pleasantly good.

The outfit :

It is extraordinary , it holds well in the morning and also after eating meals or something, although very light it remains necessary for a perfect rendering. It is still good without transfer and does not curl all day long it’s a real plus because even if you have chapped lips (without the dead skin of course!) It will camouflage this little flaw because of  its thickness. On the other hand the material tends to make very unsightly pampering after eating, if you cannot retouch better remove it.


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