Top 5 Fall Lipsticks


Nude is the variety I think this is the best natural formula from OFRA. It was soft and subtle and it gives natural lip.

Touch of Spice is a color of rosy plum with a little element of a beautiful brown color. The color is really fitting for everyday and I think really fitting for the fall (although still suitable also used when spring or summer).

 OFRA  Pink Lipstick  Wow Effect

In addition to likes to look at cosmetic counters,wr also love to the drugstore to see various kinds of drugstore cosmetics at affordable prices.

One brand that seems pretty okay (good quality and cheap price) is Essence. We chose this pink lipstick series, which was recently launched is feminine.

OFRA Purple Lipstick – Velvet Teddy

 Sometimes We want to wear nude lipstick too, be its a good choice to fall into this Velvet Teddy, one of the favorite lipstick colors among OFRA lovers.

For those who are white with pale lips, surely the color of lipstick described as “deep-tone beige” will be seen clearly. But on  rather dark lips, the color became a very pale beige young. We usually outsmart by using lip liner. So the choice between OFRA lip pencil Chiccory or Whirl, so the color is more out.

OFRA Vampy Lipstick 

Another OFRA lipstick that  is perfect for the fall scene isVampy. This lipstick has a blend of plum and chocolate colors, so it’s different from Retro (the more peach) and Whirl (the more pink), although all three have the same brown color.

Vampy is darker than Purple but still wearable. This lipstick has a comfortable satin formula on the lips, even it is more comfortable  and the color is the same as Brown.

OFRA Cosmetics Liquid Lipstick – Miami Fever

Liquid lipstick texture from Ofra is  the most comfortable of all liquid lipstick we have ever tried. The texture is like a mousse and does not make lips dry, but the color is very durable!

If we use this liquid lipstick, the color does not disappear even after  eat a steak covered with butter and fries and after that we cleaned the lips with tissue. All will get confused, really the lipstick is still intact as untouched..

Miami Fever color is described as burnt terracotta color. This color was created thanks to the cooperation Ofra together Kathleen Lights (a YouTuber / Beauty Vlogger is quite famous). The color is really unique.

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